Cuisinart Ceramic Cookware GW-10 Nonstick Cookware Set

It is a common misconception that you need to go to hotels and restaurants to enjoy good tasty food. With Cuisinart ceramic cookware GW-10 Greenware Nonstick set you can cook restaurant quality food in you own kitchen.The technology has changed everything and you can prepare healthier and tastier food right in the confines of your home by using this exquisite piece of Cuisinart GW-10 Green ware Nonstick 10-Piece cookware set.Brace yourselves and enjoy the best of both worlds at home.

cuisinart ceramic cookware

cuisinart ceramic cookware

Features of the Cuisinart Ceramic Cookware GW-10 Nonstick Cookware Set:

a) Every piece of Cuisinart cookware comes with great technological innovations such as petroleum free ceramic based nonstick technology which enables preparation of healthy foods every time you use it.

b) Use of high gauge aluminum for construction is a guarantee for even distribution of heat. This makes the food crispier and tastier.

c) Ceramic based non stick interiors make sure that no food gets stuck to it and easily flows from the vessel to the plates.

d) Scratch resistant and stain proof technology is used which adds to the durability factor.

e) Stainless steel handles which stay cool during the cooking process makes it easy to handle.

f) The glass lids fit securely and serve a dual purpose. One is that it allows viewing what is cooked and secondly it does not allow the odor to escape thus retaining the flavor.

g) This cookware is safe to be used in ovens.

h) This cookware product includes an 8 inch omelet pan, a 10 inch fry pan with lid, two saucepans with lids of 1.5 and 2.5 quart each, a 6 quart Dutch oven with lid and a steamer insert.


a) Strict adherence to FDA stipulations as far as quality and environmental friendliness is concerned.

b) Absence of PTFE and PFOA is a sign that healthy food is round the corner.

c) Durability factor is ensured with use of scratch proof and stain free technology.

d) Ceramic based interiors and high gauge aluminum enable withstanding of high temperatures and ensures even distribution of heat too.

e) Petroleum based interior enables easy clean up.

f) The 10 piece set is enough for cooking food for a family of around 6 persons and hence is hugely popular.


a) The saucepans cannot be kept inside the oven on account of long handles.

b) It has a limited lifetime warranty.

c) Cannot be used in dishwasher systems. Hand wash is the only mode of cleaning the cookware product.

Features Of Cuisinart Non Stick Cookware

a) Energy efficient: The ceramic based nonstick technology is petroleum free which enables use of less heat to cook food faster.

b) The non-stick interior helps in oil conservation.

c) Environmental friendly: Conforming to FDA standards.

d) 10-piece set just enough to cater to medium sized families of today.

e) See-through lids enable you to view what is being cooked.

f) Scratch proof, stain free and environmental friendly qualities make it a great buy.

g) Even distribution of heat imparts great taste to food.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Can this cookware be used on induction stoves?

No. The exteriors are made of high grade aluminum which is non-magnetic in nature.Only those vessels which contain iron content can be used on induction stoves.

b) There is a degree of confusion in my mind as to where this product is manufactured. Kindly clarify.

Different parts have been outsourced from different countries. Major components are made in Taiwan.Painting and exteriors are made in China. The assembly has taken place in the U.S. It should not matter as long as the quality is not compromised. Should it?

c) Are the pans and pots difficult to clean?

Absolutely not: you should use hot or lukewarm water and a good quality mild detergent to clean the pots effectively.Never scrub them with a Teflon scrubbing pad as they could cause abrasions and mar the beauty of the cookware.Never put your cookware in the dishwasher system. You can use vinegar also along with the detergents.

d) Are there any chances of the glass lid cracking under extreme heat conditions?

No. The product uses tempered glass which is not only transparent but also able to withstand extreme heat.The glass lids enable you to what is being cooked and how.

e) Is it not in many ways similar to the 12-piece set manufactured by the same company? Then why do you need two different products?

Different families have different requirements. This product is good enough for medium sized families while the 12-piece set can cater to larger families. Other than the number of accessories, there is not any difference between the two products.The manufacturer ensures that the same technology goes into the manufacture of every product of the company.Quality wise, both are absolutely equal.

f) How does it qualify to be environmentally friendly?

During the manufacture of the cookery product, it is ensured that there is no emission of greenhouse gases which in turn protects the ozone layer and thus the company plays its part to perfection.Most of the items are made from recyclable products and hence the environmental friendliness factor has been taken into cognizance.

Final Verdict

Taking into consideration the pros and cons it can be seen that this cookery item is a winner all the way.The beautiful features and the exemplary performance of the cookware item make every woman love this piece.It arouses in them an eager want to possess this item to adorn their kitchen.


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