Cuisinart GG-12 GreenGourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

Gone are the days of messy cooking with food particles sticking all around the place in the kitchen.These are the days of nonstick cookware items which make cooking a pleasure and eating a much bigger one.With the world today laying more emphasis on health, there is a pressing need for the new cookware items to score high on this front.This particular Cuisinart green gourmet 12-piece cookware set takes care of environmental pollution too.

cuisinart Cookware

cuisinart Cookware

Features of Cuisinart GG-12 Green Gourmet Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookware Set

a) The exclusive Cuisinart ceramic nonstick surface featuring a petroleum free ceramic based coating makes way for healthy cooking as it helps in oil conservation.

b) The product does not contain PTFE or PFOA which is not only healthy for the body but also for the environment too.

c) This cookware has been manufactured using techniques which reduce carbon emissions thus playing their part in reduction of release of greenhouse gases so that the ozone protective layer is not damaged further.

d) The non-stick coating is water based rather than solvent based which makes it all the more efficient.

e) This exquisite piece of cookware conforms to the FDA and European RoHS standards.

f) This cookware is manufactured from 100% recyclable materials and 100% biodegradable soy ink is used for printing.

g) Use of anodized aluminum ensures even distribution of heat making the food that much tastier.

h) The harder than steel exteriors take care of the durability factor.

i) “Stain free” and “Scratch free” exteriors and interiors make this product the most popular one in the market.

j) Exquisitely carved steel handles stay cool during cooking which enables easy handling.

k) The cookware is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and is considered oven safe.

l) The entire set includes 2 saucepans with cover of 1.5 and 2.5 quart each, one 3 quart everyday pan with cover, one

6 quart Dutch oven with cover, an 8 inch as well as a 10 inch skillet along with a multi-steamer.


a) Healthy cooking accompanied by easy cleaning makes it a favorite among the womenfolk in the house.

b) Selecting a burner size that matches that of the pan ensures that energy conservation is at its maximum.

c) This cookware set is very easy to clean on account of stain and scratch free exteriors and interiors. Use a good quality detergent and use sponge or soft dish cloth to clean.

d) High temperature withstanding capacity makes it very convenient to cook non-vegetarian food.

e) As this cookware does not use PTFE and PFOA environmental friendliness is maintained.

f) High grade aluminum is used for manufacturing which makes it durable, strong and ensures even distribution of heat too.


a) This anodized cookware is not dishwasher friendly. Washing by hand is recommended.

b) Long handles on the saucepans make it impossible to be kept inside a normal sized oven.

Features At a Glance

a) Ceramic non stick interiors.

b) High gauge aluminum ensures even distribution of heat.

c) Beautifully carved handles which assist easy handling.

d) No PTFE or PFOA which means healthy food every time you cook.

e) Scratch proof and stain resistant technology.

f) Manufactured from 100% recyclable materials.

g) Exquisite looks which is matched by excellent performance.

h) High temperature withstanding capacity makes it easy to use in ovens.

i) 12 piece set which can be useful for cooking food for the entire family at one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) It is said that no PTFE or PFOA is used. What about other harmful materials such as Cadmium or Lead?

Yes, the coating is fully free from cadmium, lead as well as other harmful chemicals.Health of the individual as well as the environment is of prime concern to the manufacturers.

b) What is the difference between this product and the Cuisinart 10 piece ceramic cookware set which has been advertised recently?

As far as quality and features are concerned there is no difference whatsoever.The only difference you can find is in the number of accessories.

c) What is the advantage of water based Ceramic non-stick surface?

Usually, all the non-stick cookware manufacturers use solvent based Ceramic non-stick surface.
This cookware is manufactured using a newer and more advanced water based Ceramic non-stick surface which ensures that the Ceramic does not peel off.

d) What is meant by “adhering to FDA standards”?

The US Food and Drug Administration have passed regulations banning use of cadmium, lead and other chemicals in any material that comes in contact with food.This piece of cookware conforms to the strict quality standards stipulated by the US FDA.

e) Food does not stick. But food odors can. How to remove them?

Yes, food odors can be removed by using mild detergents and washing the cookware utensils in hard water.You should take care not to use hard scrubbers which can damage the cookware irreparably.It also recommended adding some vinegar to the dish wash solution.

f) Is seasoning necessary?

Seasoning is not compulsory but for long lasting use it is always better if you season your pans and other cookware before using them for the first time.

Final Verdict

This piece of cookware passes all the stipulated stringent qualifications.Its exquisite looks are matched with great performance and hence this cookware gets a “Thumbs up” decision from every quarter.

cuisinart Cookware

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