Simply Calphalon Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

Who would not like their kitchen to be spic and span in every respect? What was considered as impossible some years back has become very much possible today. How has this transformation taken place? Has someone waved a magic wand or something of that sort? No, there is no magic involved. Simply Calphalon Ceramic Nonstick is the answer to all the questions.

The cleanliness has come out of realization and switching over to non stick ceramic nonstick cookware.Nonstick cookware ensures that no food gets stuck to the vessel while cooking as well as emptying the vessel.This is a wonderful invention ad every household woman must be thanking their stars for having made this possible.

Ceramic cookware reviews

Features of Simply Calphalon Ceramic Cookware Set

a) This is a beautiful and effective combination of the properties of hard anodized aluminum and the PFOA, PTFE free ceramic nonstick interior coating.

b) This simply calphalon ceramic nonstick cookware brings durability to the kitchen coupled with the fast food release which adds to the cleanliness factor.

c) The high grade aluminum ensures quick and uniform heating.The silicone handles do not become hot and hence are of tremendous use.In fact this technology of using anodized aluminum has been patented by Calphalon. It has revolutionized kitchens all over the world.

d) The PFOA and PTFE free interior ceramic nonstick cooking surface helps in easy release of food.

e) As food does not stick to the vessel, the use of oil and butter gets rationalized which contributes to better all round health.

f) The exterior is very attractive but at the same time tough too.

g) The cookware can withstand temperatures in the range of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

h) The item comes with a full 10 year limited warranty.

i) The list of items include 2 pans of 8 and 10 inch diameter respectively, 1 and 2 quart sauce pans with lids, 3 quart Saute pan with lid, and 5 quart Dutch oven along with 11 inch girdle.

j) Oven tempered glass covers in a domed design allow for easy viewing of food while cooking as well as to retain moisture.


a) The cookware scores high on the durability scale with a beautiful but extremely strong exterior design.

b) The cookware is backed by the pioneering technology of Calphalon which has brought the concept of using high grade anodized aluminum in designing cooking vessels.

c) This Calphalon technology has ensured uniform heating thus rendering hot spots redundant.

d) The non use of the PTFE and PFOA has made it popular among the health enthusiasts.

e) The ceramic interiors allow for easy release of food from the vessel while cooking.

f) The food does not stick and hence the vessels are very easy to clean.

g) The health of the environment has also been taken into account by not using toxic materials while manufacturing this product.


a) This product cannot be used to cook on induction stoves.

b) The product is not dishwasher friendly and hand wash is the recommended option.

c) The price is a discouraging factor.

d) The product comes with a limited 5 year limited warranty.

Features at a Glance

a) Extremely eco friendly features.

b) PFOA free ceramic nonstick interiors allow easy release of food.

c) This is a product of the Calphalon technological school.

d) Beautifully carved lid handles are riveted perfectly and do not come off.

e) Stainless steel pan handles are light in weight and have a perfect center of gravity.

f) Silicone grips allow for a cool grip even when the vessel is hot.

g) Glass covers allow you to watch the food getting cooked.

h) The domed design allows retention of moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Why it is that ceramic cookware cannot be used on induction stoves?

Only vessels which have iron content can be used on induction stoves.Ceramic cookware does not contain any amount of iron and hence is not compatible with induction stoves.

b) The word ceramic is usually associated with pottery. Are these cookware items brittle as ceramic crockery is?

The material used in manufacturing ceramic cookware is a very hard type ofceramic and does not break easily.It is far sturdier than glass.
c) Can this product be used in an oven?

Yes. This product can be used in ovens as they can withstand heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

d) Can I use a scrubber to wash the utensils?

No. It is not advisable to use a scrubber to clean the vessel. Food does not stick to the vessel. Hence a mild detergent would suffice along with a sponge.

e) Will the cookware break if I drop it on the floor?

No, the cookware is able to withstand such minor shocks. The high grade aluminum ensures that the vessel does not even suffer a scratch.

f) Will the ceramic be affected if I place the cookware directly from the stove to the refrigerator?

The ceramic does not crack or break but still you are advised to let the vessel cool down considerably before transferring it to the refrigerator.

Final verdict


In spite of the cost factor, this cookware item is recommended for purchase as the other features overshadow the cost factor.The Calphalon technology has revolutionized the manufacture of kitchen ware and you should benefit from this technology.If we weigh the pros and cons properly it can be seen that advantages far outnumber the disadvantages and hence it is a wise decision to buy the product.


Silverstone Ceramic Cxi Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set

SilverStone Ceramic Cxi Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set gives you the pleasure you need while you cook in the kitchen with it.It is PFOA free, PTFE free as well as cadmium free.It has the ability to bring energy to your kitchen and cooking with it brings up a fresh and healthy sensation of not having a need to go out to eat.


Cooking home made food with this cookware for you and your family is an ideal way to bring your family together more in eating together.It has an exterior surface sprayed with silicone polyester while it’s interior is Nonstick Ceramic in nature with distinctive white.It’s beauty and quality is able to provide you with simple dishes and special occasional favorites.It is constructed with a sturdy aluminum and delivers fast and even heating on cooking all through the pan and pot.It is equipped with a shatter resistant glass lid which help hold in heat and moisture.

It also has the cushion smart technology on the skillets and covered saute, with anti slip handles which are rubberized and are able to deliver comfortable and solid grasp.This cookware is dish washer safe, and has a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven safe temperature. Although Dishwasher Safe, hand washing is recommended for good care of the ceramic nonstick surface.

Silverstone Ceramic Cookware Reviews-CXi Nonstick  Set

a) This cookware sets include :1.5 quart /1.4 L covered saucepan, 3 quart /2.8 L covered saucepan, 6 quart 5.7 L covered stockpot, 8 inches /20 Cm deep skillet with cushion smart technology, 10 inches /25 cm open deep skillet with cushion smart technology, 2 nylon tools

b) With a ravishing appearance, the equipment are extremely light weight

c) The Sturdy aluminum cookware features a unique cookware interior with white Ceramic Nonstick that delivers beautiful food preparation with easy cleanup afterwards

d) It’s Cushion Smart technology gives the skillet and Saute an extra boost on its Nonstick performance and the SilverStone cookware set includes two nylon tools of good quality.

e) It is Dishwasher safe and hand washing is recommended for the best care; equipped with shatter-resistant glass lids that makes the food you’re cooking visible and also to avoid releasing moisture and heat.

f) The SilverStone ceramic nonstick cookwares contour handles, double reverted match the colorful and appealing exteriors and are rubberized to provide a comfortable and solid grasp.

g) It is Oven safe to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this PFOA-free, PTFE-free and cadmium free Nonstick ceramic nonstick cookware set has a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


a) It has a strong build, with the heavy gauge aluminum construction, it offers an effective cooking experience, and the heat is evenly distributed.

b) It has a very high durability if maintained properly.

The ceramic inside of the pot and pan gives superior resistance to spots and an extremely high resistance to scratches. It’s durability could be second to none.

c) This cookware is destined for healthy cooking, with its quality Ceramic interior, healthy cooking of food by using less fats and oils encouraged.

d) It is completely safe, being free of toxic metals, PTFE free, cadmium free and PFOA free. Hence there is no chance of having an unhealthy meal

e) It has a limited lifetime guarantee and it makes cooking fun and comfortable.

f) It is sold at a very affordable price. Price is important in selecting and purchasing Cookware, because some Cookware are of a low cost with low quality, this cookware is as good as it’s price, if not better.

g) It is Nonstick. This 10 piece Cookware set is Nonstick and it does not require any form of oil, butter, neither does it need margarine in order to keep the qualities of it being Nonstick.


a) There is confusion about the lifetime guarantee

b) It is not hard anodized and not Microwave safe.

c) Making use of a silverware or metallic utensils will ruin the ceramic Coating of this cookware.You should not use any Teflon products either. You are only allowed to freely make use of wood or hard rubber while cooking with it.

Features at a Glance

a) Interior material is Ceramic

b) Exterior material is sprayed silicone polyester

c) Interior Ceramic is white in color

d) Provides exceptional food preparation and high visibility when cooking with lids closed.

e) Fast and even heating is delivered due to its sturdy aluminum.

f) It is dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended for ideal care of the cookware.

g) Equipped with cushion smart technology on the Sauté and skillet

h) Glass lid is shatter proof and able to hold in heat and moisture

i) Oven Safe temperature of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

j) Lifetime limited warranty

FAQ For SilverStone Ceramic CXi Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set :

a) Is it healthy?

Absolutely, it is perfect for cooking healthy meals, it is free from toxic metals that can produce toxic smoke.

b) Is the warranty of this product valid?

Yes it is, the warranty is given to you in case of any problems with the product.

c) Can it be used on stove tops and induction?

Yes it can, with a stainless bottom, we are able to use its hard anodizing pots and pans on induction cooktops as well as stove tops.

d) Can you clean this cookware with a dishwasher?

Yes it is dishwasher safe. Without having any adverse effects, it is proven to be cleaned using a dishwasher, apart from that, having it hand washed proves to be very effective in maintaining it for a longer period.

Final Verdict

This SilverStone Ceramic CXi Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set is perfectly designed to make you feel comfortable while cooking and it is easier to clean up after each use.It provides you with healthy food preparation for your family.Using this product will bring out the most out of cooking with less fats and oils and having this cookware in tour kitchen will serve to make your kitchen and cooking brighter.


Rachael Ray Cookware Reviews The Best Cookware For Your Kitchen

Rachael Ray is a brand, which deals with kitchen items. This brand has a very good reputation in the market. Many people consider this brand very reliable. This company has many products for your use. The focus of the company is to provide good material appliances to the community.

Many people have given a full rating on many products of this company. Rachael Ray cookware reviews prove that this company is one of the best in the market. It has more than one hundred items. Many of them are top rated among the similar product like them in the market.

The products have different colors that are why they look attractive and beautiful. With much decoration still the items are designed are made in such a way that they give the best results. Every customer is satisfied with the performance of Rachael Ray cookware. The cookware’s color is long lasting.

Much-colored cookware’s colors fade away even in days when they are regularly used. The second thing about this item is their rigidness. These items are made of good quality metal that you may not get any issue while working on high temperature.

Main Features Of Rachael Ray Cookware Reviews:

The main features of these items if to cook food. They are considered the best usable items by their customers. The handle of many stove items never slips from hand. The joints of the items do not get loose many years.You should check some things before purchasing a particular set of items. Find here the main features now in the following headings; I have sorted out for you for your convenience.

Metal Quality Of Rachael Ray Cookware Set:

The metal of these are usually excellent, but you still have to be precise. You will not be able to replace them after purchasing. Verify that all the metal is new and fully polished. If the metal is not polished, do not buy the item. Poor metal can be very dangerous. Unpolished metal does not work for a long time. It is your duty to choose and pick the right product.

Once you have purchased an item, then you can resell it but cannot replace it. The entire customer who has purchased the product has not complained about the metal quality, but precaution is good to take. Many people are deceived by dealers while buying any item of the brand. I highly recommend you to go to a trusted trader.

Rachael Ray Cookware Brand Name:

Every item has the brand name on it. Check it apparently that every item has the brand name. In the case of any replacement, you cannot replace the items, which do not have the brand name. The items of this brand have a limited period of guarantee.

Quantity Of Items:

After buying the set check precisely that you have received all the items, you have paid for. Many dealers usually take out one or more items while delivering the products. You have checked the quantity on the spot, or else you will not be able to claim any loss.

Top Items Of Rachael Ray Cookware:

There many products of this brand but I am going to tell you about some of the top items of the brand loved by the users.

Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick 10 Piece Cookware Set

This is the top product of this company. It has the highest number of reviews.  This set consists on saucepans, stockpot and skillet. All the items are in black colors with orange colored handles. All these items give a gorgeous look when they are placed on the dinner table. This set is the top selling product of the brand.

It is considered the most reliable product made by the company. All the item can subsequently use for years. The handle grips are very smooth. The interior of the items is of very good quality. Once you have used the item now, the next comes when you have to clean it. The interior is designed with such materials that the user can clean it in just one wash. Many people have found this product very easy to clean.  The third quality is its shining quality. It has long lasting shining. No matter how much you will use these items in your kitchen; these items will not lose their shine.

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick 14 Piece Cookware Set

This is the second most usable product by the customers of this company. This set includes cookware, trays, spoons and other cooking items. This set is in orange color. The current price of this product is more or less $213 . The low price of this product makes it attractive for the customers. Many people prefer this set because of its attracting look. It has more than 100+ reviews on Amazon.If you want to buy a reasonable and good quality cookware for yourself than it is the best option for you.

Pros of Rachael Ray cookware:

1)    It is long lasting and easy to use

2)    Has different colors and a huge variety. All of them are attractive.

3)    Comes with proper user manual and instruction guide so the user can easily understand how to use it.

4)    Has well-designed interior so it can be cleaned easily.

5)    The smell of any food placed in it disappears just after one wash.

6)    The company has the facility of home delivery.

7)    It also provides another kitchen along with cookware in a set.

Cons of Rachael Ray cookware:

1)    It is an expensive item regarding other brands cookware.

2)    It does not replace able, once you have purchased an item you have to use no matter you like in the future or not.

3)    You to purchase the full set no matter if you require some items in the set or not.

Final Verdict:

If you want to buy a good cookware, then this place is the best option for you. If you are not in a mode to waste your money, then come to Rachael Ray. All you have to do is give an online order for the item. This will be the best item for you to use in your kitchen.


The Working Methodology of The Portable Electric Cooktop

Although a lot of people from all over the world use the portable electric cooktop, the science behind the electromagnetism is not known to everyone. But it is important for everyone to know about the mechanisms of the electric cooktop. A little knowledge about the working methodology of the electric cooktop will save a lot of time and effort. It will also help you to stay safe in the emergency situations. If you know the process, you will be able to avoid a lot of accidents. In this write-up, we will discuss the portable electric cooktop in details which will certainly enhance your knowledge about the uses of the electric cooktop.

How Portable Electric Cooktop Works

The working methodology of the electric cooktop is pretty simple. Here, we will discuss them step by step. They are as follows:

  • The design and the look of the electric cooktop are the same as the ceramic cooktop. The difference lies in the case of the pots and pans. The cooking surface is usually made of the hard materials such as steel, aluminum, and heat-resistant glasses.
  • Inside the cooking area, you will find a coil (tightly wound). The coil is usually made of metal. When you turn the power on, you will find an alternating current flowing through the coil creating an electromagnetic field.
  • Where a home power supply alternates at about 50 to 60 times per second, the electric cooktop does the similar thing 500 to 1,000 times faster. Hence we can not hear nay disgusting and annoying buzzing sound. Most of us cannot hear the sound because it is not audible. It also prevents the magnetic forces from shifting the pan around on the cooktop.
  • The magnetic field has a special function in the electric cooktop. One of the main functions is that it channels the heat through the coil or the iron. The heat generated from the pan flows directly into the food or water inside it.
  • The electric cooktops are widely revered because of their efficiency and speed. The speed at which the cooktops provide, service is incomparable to any other cooktop. The mechanism can work expeditiously because of the availability of the current. The electricity can move fast through the electric coil and help the cooktop heat very fast. On the other hand, the portable cooktop is facilitated by the rechargeable batteries which make them more comfortable and flexible for users.
  • The electric cooktops work through the command given by the operator. If you choose the high temperature, it will start cooking foods are very high temperature. There are many other heating options available in the electric cooktops.

We hope that from the above discussion, you have been able to understand clearly the ways in which the electric cooktop work. They are very much comfortable and user-friendly. But for ensuring proper functioning of the cookware, you will have to ensure proper flow of electricity and charge. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the electric cooktop.


How NonStick Induction Cookware Is Safe For Health?

A good quality Nonstick Induction Cookware can serve an individual as a living chef. The importance of the non-stick cookware for good health cannot be described in words. The non stick cookwares will help you to maintain good health by maintaining the quality of food.

You will not get such health insurance from the other cooking items. The non-stick cookwares will assist you to cook quality foods while maintaining the taste and texture of the food. The people who have to remain busy all day long must purchase a set of non-stick cookware because it will help them to prepare and consume food very fast.

The non-stick induction cookers become heated very rapidly and facilitate faster cooking which will save much of your time and effort. They are also very easy to maintain. They are safe, affordable, and long lasting. You will not have to put much effort for washing the cookware.

Hence, you will be in a comfortable position while keeping the cookware in your kitchen. There are many other reasons why the nonstick induction cookwares are becoming popular among the people from all over the world. With these cooking items, you will be able to fulfill any cooking need from breakfast to dinner.

Importance of Nonstick Induction Cookware Set:

The nonstick induction cookware sets are necessary for any individual or family for the following reasons. Let’s have a look at them:

●Such cookware sets are required for the common people who have to lead a very busy life. It will bring much comfort and flexibility in their life in the case of cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the cookware

●A lot of professional chefs prefer the non stick cookware sets because they can facilitate fast cooking. In the restaurants, it is very crucial for the chefs to serve food as soon as possible after the order is placed. The induction cookware helps the chefs to cook the ordered foods fast and deliver as soon as possible. No other cookware can provide such flexibility to the user.

●In most of the cases, the wives or people who have the responsibility of cooking at home or anywhere else become bored. One of the main reasons behind their boredom is the unattractive of the cooking items. If the cooking items are not gorgeous enough, you will not feel like cooking. You will try to leave the kitchen as soon as possible. On the other hand, the nonstick cookware is designed to be attractive. The gorgeous design will attract you towards the kitchen.

●The nonstick cookware sets are very much durable. These items are built to last for a longer period. You will not have to worry about replacing them just after a few uses. You will be able to use the cooking items for a longer period at their full potential. But you will have to be careful while using them. Your proper caring can certainly enhance the life of the cookware. You must keep the item in normal temperature to ensure their durability. If you use moderately, you will be able to use the cooking items for at least three to five years without any problem.

The Health Benefits of the Nonstick Induction Cookware:

Now, we are in the principal part of the write-up. After the above discussion, I hope it will be easy for you to recognize the health benefits of the nonstick cookware sets. So, let’s have a look at the:

●If you cook using the nonstick cookware sets, you will not have to use much oil, butter, and lard to prevent the foods from sticking to the surface of the pan. The nonstick items are designed such a way so that they do not stick to the surface of the pan making cooking much comfortable and healthy. We know how harmful the above-mentioned elements are for our health. Without the non-stick cookwares, it is very tough to get rid of oil, butter, and lard. By using the non-stick items, you can easily avoid them.

●A few years back, the users used to think that the nonstick cooking items are not good for health. In the past, the nonstick cookwares were made of Teflon, PFOA, and PTFE. But the science has proved that the above statement is wrong. So, you will not have to worry about the factors mentioned above while cooking foods. You will be safe and secured.

●If you use the non-stick cookware, your family will be able to have low cholesterol foods regularly which will improve their health condition. The cooked foods will not become spoiled losing their food value. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the cooked foods. The foods cooked in the iron made cooking pans are very much unhealthy because the cooked foods often lose their food value. Such foods cannot benefit our health. If you use cookware with silver or iron made surface, the foods will stick to the surface of the cooking pan which burns the foods and reduces the food value significantly. So, it is advisable for everyone to avoid the cookware with steel or iron made surface. You will either have to consume burnt foods or use a lot of oil to make the foods tasty.

●The present nonstick cookwares contain ceramic coatings and anodized materials which make them non-toxic and less harmful for health.

So, we hope that the above information will make you aware of the health benefits of the nonstick induction cookware. Now, it will be very simple for you to determine whether you will go for the nonstick cookware or not. However, after purchasing the cookware, you will have to take sufficient care to be able to maintain the quality of the cookware. Otherwise, it will not be able to provide you the same level of service. You should not use sharp dishwashers and abrasive utensils along with the cookware because they will certainly damage the coatings.


What is Best Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

Finding the best kitchen appliances in the market can be quite challenging. When you search for buy cooktop then you must to know Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons.The case is no different when it comes to searching for the best induction cooktop. To make your search easy, here is a review of the top five portable induction cooktops:

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

This is one of the best portable induction cooktop available in the market. It has the following features:


  • The DUXTOP 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop features an automatic switch. The switch senses the presence of a pan on the induction cooktop. In case there is no pan, it automatically shuts itself down within a maximum of one minute.
  • In case of low or high voltage, this best portable induction cooktop has an alert system that warns the user as early as possible
  • This cooking machine has several settings plus food options which make you’re cooking easy


  • The one minute shut off gives users enough time to act
  • Portability is another advantage as one can travel with it from one place to another
  • The ability to cook a variety of meals concurrently is an incredible advantage


  • This induction stove is very selective and does not accommodate all cookwares
  • The temperature indicator is inaccurate at times meaning it can provide faulty readings

MAX BURTON 6200 Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

This is also another best portable induction cooktop that boasts of the following features:

  • Have 1800 watts with diverse settings
  • Push control buttons
  • Safety features


  • Usable in both indoors and outdoors as well
  • The control buttons are easy to use.


  • Only uses pans and pots compatible to it
  • It is small and anything exceeding 10 inches is not recommendable

TRUE Induction S2F2 Cooktop Pros and Cons

It is one of the best portable induction cooktops the market has to offer.


  • This two burner cooktop has an attractive design, which gives your kitchen a fantastic look.
  • Has innovative high technology that aids the heating of food within the least possible time.
  • The cooktop acts or works purely by heating the molecules in the port, which in turn heats the food burner avoiding the issue of flames or direct heat


  • Weight sensor that aids in automatic switch off of the stove when not in use
  • Double is compact and easy to store when need be
  • It is easy to use and does not need prior experience at all


  • Power may disappoint greatly as the total amount of authority is only 10.
  • The issue of the right cookware is unavoidable here as not all pans regarding materials and size can fit here.

True Induction P3D Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

As opposed to the latter, this is single but works with a lot of efficiency and vigor. It has the below features:

  • Auto shut off that operates by sensing the presence of a pan on the cooktop
  • The cooking device saves a lot of energy as well as money regarding power bills


  • The cooking is quite fast and reliable as it heats so quickly.
  • It has an easy storage since it is small
  • The device can work as a stovetop if need arises


  • One needs to select a pan, which is magnetic in nature, as others do not work
  • The device makes a lot of noise when in operation causing some major disturbances.

True Induction Commercial Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons


  • Auto safety feature which switches the appliance off if there is no pan on it
  • The body is made of steel that does not stain easily making it easy to clean
  • Glass cooktop to help save energy by ensuring that heating is under control to a particular point
  • The voltage it requires is not so high but stands at around 240 volts
  • Has a great cooking power of about 3200W


  • Heats fast
  • Saves energy
  • Can accommodate a variety of meal preparations at ago


Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop Pros and Cons

It is the following features:

  • The surface of the induction cooktop has a ceramic glass that is resistant to heat.
  • The upper extreme element power is 1800W and a backup of 3000 and 1200 watts
  • Countdown timer on a range of 1-99 minutes
  • Child safety lock


  • Have several security elements
  • Melt setting on its front element


  • Cookware incompatibility

For sure, the above five portable induction cooktops can change your cooking from boring to interesting. Each brings with it a set of incredible features that everyone who is passionate about food will fall in love. Grab any of the above portable induction cooktops and your life in the kitchen, camp site or outdoors will change for the best.


How to Prevent Scratches on Ceramic Cookware?

You might have a beloved ceramic cookware. But you wish to know how to prevent scratches on ceramic cookware?Even though your ceramic cookware is more durable than most other type of cookware, you still need to look after it so as to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.Not taking proper care of your ceramic cookware would result to the cookware getting scratches and once the cookware begins to scratch, it would also negatively affect the efficiency of the cookware.

Once your ceramic cookware gets scratched, you will have to immediately dispose of the cookware.The best way to keep your ceramic cookware from scratching is to ensure that they are always very clean and are stored properly. This article would thus treat how to clean and properly store your ceramic cookware and other precautions to take to avoid scratches.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” width=”300*300″ ]How to prevent scratches on ceramic cookware? Tips and tricks![/box]

Washing Your Best Ceramic Cookware :

You should wash your best ceramic cookware with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Instead of a soft sponge, using a dish cloth would be just as effective.

You can also use professional cleaner that are available in the market.You should gently wipe the whole area of the ceramic cookware and rinse properly after washing.You should also properly dry your ceramic cookware after washing.

Scraping :

You should ensure that you do not scrape any residues on your ceramic cookware for any reason whatsoever. Scraping the surface of the cookware would result the removal of the coatings on the ceramic cookware.

This coating is very smooth, making it difficult for any substance to stick on it.It is thus the ceramic coating on the cookware that gives it the non-sticky nature it is reputable for.If the ceramic coating goes off, then your ceramic cookware would start to stick.Using an abrasive or similar substance on a ceramic cookware is sure to affect the coating and subsequently its non-sticky nature.

Metal Scouring Tools :

You should avoid using scouring agents or metal scourers on your ceramic cookware.If you use a metal scourer or scouring agents such as scouring powder on your ceramic cookware, then it would begin to scratch.As opposed to using metal scourers, you should always wash them with your hand. This would help your ceramic cookware to last longer.

Avoid Dishwashers :

Dishwashers make it easier to wash cookware, plates, cups and cutleries among others. You should however avoid using a dishwasher to wash your ceramic cookware.Using a dishwasher would negatively affect the lifespan of your ceramic cookware.It would also lead to scratches which will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your dishwasher.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains :

The biggest temptation to washing of cookware including ceramic cookware is the presence of a stubborn dirt.You would thus be tempted to use scouring powder or a metal scour to clean the ceramic cookware. You should however not yield to this temptation as it would ultimately lead to scratches on your cookware.

As opposed to using methods which would lead to scratches, you should use this simple method.First of all put water in the ceramic cookware and try to ensure that all the areas that have the stubborn dirt are covered with water.Once you have accomplished this, put the water on a heating device and allow the water to boil. As soon as the water starts to boil, add some baking soda into the water.

Allow the water to continue to boil for a while with the baking soda inside. Subsequently, use a wooden spoon that does not scratch to carefully remove any dirt that is yet to be displaced.Once you have successfully removed all the stubborn dirt from the ceramic cookware, allow it to get cold. Once it is cold, you can then normally wash and rinse it.This method works properly for any type of ceramic cookware.

Storage of Pots and Pans :

Just as important as every other item discussed above for prevention of scratches on your ceramic cookware is how you store them.If you do not store your ceramic cookware properly, it will also get scratched and all the other precautions will be useless.Store your ceramic cookware only after you have properly washed and dried them.After they are dry, you can store them separately, while for those you want to nest, you could use a paper napkin in between each ceramic cookware.

Parting Advice :

The user manual of your ceramic cookware is your friend. Try to read and understand it to get a perfect understanding of how you can best use and maintain them.


How to Clean Ceramic Cookware


Cleaning ceramic cookware can be a very cumbersome task. But with proper tricks you can clean your cookware easily and efficiently. In the next following articles we’ll talk about How to clean Ceramic cookware.Ceramic coatings are layers of film that are non-metallic which are non-metallic, applied to materials that are hard so that they become scratch resistant and healthy.Cookware coated with ceramics are a non-stick and safer option compared to the normal cookware types. A lot of consumers often choose coatings with ceramics as opposed to coatings with PTFE because:

1. It is multipurpose.

2. It does not stick.

3. It heats evenly.

4. It is easier to clean cookware coated with ceramics.

5. It has a style that is appealing as well as colors that are bright.

6. It possesses a higher level of resistance to scratch and heat that PTFE coatings.

7. Its non-stick nature makes it easier to cooks meals that are healthier with it as you would require less oil.

8. Does not release chemicals or react.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions :

The easiest way to be able to use a product to its full capacity is to utilize the manual.A manual normally covers every topic about a product you need to be aware of. It is important to also ready your ceramic cookware instruction manual to be able to know the recommended ways of cleaning the cookware.Modern cookware coated with ceramic does not have holes and the surface is extremely smooth. This makes it easier to be able to clean a ceramic-coated cookware.

Wash Your Ceramic Cookware Properly :

Do not wash your ceramic cookware which it is still hot.First allow it to get cold before you wash it. You should use water that is soapy and warm as well as a dish cloth or sponge.When there is food that is burnt in the ceramic cookware, then you should use hot water to soak the ceramic cookware for about thirty minutes before you wash it.

This will make it easier to clean the ceramic cookware.The outside and inside of the cookware should be thoroughly washed to make sure that all residues inside the cookware is removed.This will help in preventing discoloration and the build-up of grease.

Sponge :

It is advisable to use to a soft sponge or dish cloth to wash your ceramic cookware.This is because it reduces the probability of scratching your cookware and it is also very effective in cleaning the cookware due to the cookware’s non-sticky nature.

Deep Cleaning :

You will need to occasionally apply a deep cleaning technique to wash out stains from your cookware as well as maintain its appearance.To achieve this, you should soak your ceramic cookware in a soapy hot water for some time. You should then wash the cookware with the aid of a nonabrasive pad or sponge.

After that, pick up a baking soda and apply some quantity around the ceramic cookware.Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes.You can then subsequently scrub the cookware lightly with the aid of a plastic brush for dishes until all the stains on the cookware are removed.Use warm water to rinse the cookware and use a dry and clean towel to dry it.

You should always use clean and safe water to wash your ceramic cookware. You can install a reverse osmosis system in your kitchen to have access to clean and safe water 24/7.

Storage :

The way you store your ceramic cookware is also very important to its cleanliness.You should always ensure that you store your ceramic cookware only after it was been properly washed and dry.You should also store your ceramic cookware in a different area from your other cookware, including other ceramic cookware.

You ceramic cookware could get damage if there is a direct contact between it and other ceramic cookware. Furthermore, storing your ceramic cookware with other cookware types could lead to scratches on your ceramic cookware.When storing your ceramic cookware together, try to put a paper napkin to separate one from the next one.

This would help to ensure that the ceramic coating of the cookware does not get scratched.Another alternative is the spongy and soft pan and pot protectors which you can easily get from the market. You can also use this to protect your ceramic cookware so as to prevent it from scratching.Using the paper napkin or protectors to protect both the inside and outside part of your ceramic cookware help to prevent it from getting scratched.


How to Choose The Best Pizza Oven for Your Kitchen

MMM!! Pizza, the best thing from the best place. Pizza is probably the most loved and desired food in the world. I mean seriously! Who doesn’t love pizza? Have you ever heard someone say here take a bite from my slice?

No, right?

Everyone is selfish about pizza. However, baking pizza in home can a really tricky and tedious task. Specially if you have a crappy pizza oven. In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose a homemade pizza oven and nail pizza baking every single time with it.

The following tips will ensure that you have the best pizza oven available in the market.

Gas vs. Electric Pizza Ovens?

Well, if you ask me I don’t think this makes much of a difference. But, it’s also true that gas oven is best for people who make a high volume of pizza every day. Basically, the professionals are mostly in need of this kind of pizza oven. However, if you plan on making only a handful of pizza a week, then if thinks electric pizza oven will do just fine for you.

Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s just personal preference.

How much space do you have?

If you have a small place with small kitchen then you should definitely go for a compact pizza oven so that you do not compromise too many features. You can find some really good compact pizza ovens on the market. Some even carriable. Cool, right?

Nonetheless, if you have no issue with space at all. Then, by all means, go for the best one you can afford. Usually, big pizza ovens are really good. They tend to cook the crust evenly which not all compact oven provides.

Hire and expert or Buy from the market?

If you are short on cash and don’t want to break the bank for a pizza oven, the definitely buy a premade one from the market. There are various kinds of good pizza oven in the market. Do a little research and choose the one which fits your preference.

However, if you want the best experience and the best pizza cooking opportunity hire pizza oven building expert. Tell them your requirements and any special request that you might have and let them do their magic. Well yeah, it’s not cheap and overkill for a couple of pizza every day. But for the professionals out there, it’s worth every single penny. I would personally suggest you get one from amazon. Because it’s really all you need for a little treat.

There are so many other little details that you should consider before making your decision. But, the above mentioned 3 are the probably enough if you just want to try the experience. Also, if you love pizza and you are in NYC try joe’s pizza. They are awesome. Hope this article came off some help to you.


Why A Hot Air Fryer Need For Your Family That op In The Market

Hot Air Fryer

The hot air fryer is one of the healthiest ways to cook food. You will not require any oil while frying the foods using the air fryers. If you want to cook any frozen food, you will just have to take it out of the freezer and put it directly into the air fryer. You will not have to put much time and effort. Within minutes you will get cooked foods. You may have to adjust the timer and temperature according to your requirement. You will not require any oil for the raw meat either. The hot air circulates rapidly in the air fryer and results in crispy outside and moist inside effect. Often the frozen foods contain excessive fat. The air fryer puts the excessive amount of fat contained in the frozen foods into a tray located below the cooking basket.

Importance Of Hot Air Fryer For Family:

Here, we will discuss the ways your family members will benefit from the hot air fryers. So, let’s have a look at them. They are as follows:

●The hot air fryers do not require a huge amount of oil to cook foods. So, you will be able to reduce your family consumption of oil by a significant percentage. According to research, the air fryers reduce the use of oil by 80 percent. So, I hope that you can imagine the health benefits of the hot air fryer. Your family will no more have to suffer from obesity

●As there is hardly any oil used in the air fryer, you will be able to save on oil. You can also choose more expensive and exotic cooking oil as you will require only a tablespoon of oil to cook foods.

●As you will be able to cook your desired foods without any oil, you will be able to get rid of the oily mess. In the air fryers, all the cooking is completed inside. So, there are not external messes to be cleaned later.

●Anyone with little or no cooking experience can cook with hot air fryers. Unlike the deep fryer, the air fryers do not cause any blast of fire or oil. So, even the novice people can cook using the deep fryers. You will just have to choose the correct time and temperature to be able to cook safely. The machine will perform all the hard work. So, it will be very easy for the elderly persons and the children in your family to carry on the cooking with the hot air fryers.

So, we hope that the above information has enhanced your knowledge regarding the benefits of the hot air fryers. Whenever you crave for fried foods, you can easily get your desired foods through using the hot air fryers. Cooking the frozen foods has never been that easy ever before. You not only get the fried food easily but also get very healthy foods. As long as you stay with the hot air fryers, your family will be fit, halt, and hearty.