Best Deep Fryer 2017 -Reviews and Expert Advice

At present, the fryers are necessary for the kitchen because of the convenience it provides to the person who wants to fry any food.There are two forms of best deep fryers available in the market. They are home fryer and professional fryer. The general fryers are for the individual uses. The professional fryers are meant for the hotels and restaurants,or other industrial uses.

So,the deep professional fryers are not recommended for the home although they are very much sturdy, reliable, and accurate. They are very big and not suitable for the family uses.They are expensive and suitable for occasional usage. You can purchase them for various family gatherings such as parties, marriage ceremony, birthday celebrations, etc.

Best Deep Fryer

Otherwise, you should go for the general fryers. So, you may not have a big professional fryer, but you must have a general form of a deep fryer. With the deep fryers, you will be able to make French fries that are not only crispy but also fluffy and soft.The best quality deep fryers contain certain features that make them different from the other cookware. The major features of a deep fryer include adjustable thermostats, quick recovery, size, safety, and comfort. The good quality deep fryers will reach to the maximum heat very rapidly.

They can adjust the temperature very rapidly based on the requirement. The temperature will fall when you add oil, vegetables, or other supplementary cooking items with the principle items. Frying is not usually healthy for our health. But we can sometimes enjoy the fried chicken, beef, and mutton with a balanced diet. To fry the foods properly, you will need the temperature in the range of 350 to 375 degree Fahrenheit.

The fryer must have the capacity to recover fast from the increasing heat as you put food on it. Some fryers have digital displays which will indicate the power and the temperature. So, you will be able to adjust or set your desired temperature. A deep fryer must have to capacity to go in standby mode itself to be able to provide better comfort.

So, if you want to enjoy comfort while frying foods, there is nothing comparable to the deep fryers.The deep fryers will not only provide you good foods but also provide you good health because they require less amount of oil to cook or fry the foods.No other cookware will be able to offer you such facility to cook foods. So, you must keep a deep fryer in your kitchen to make your kitchen more efficient. You will not be able to claim that your kitchen is a smart one unless you keep a deep fryer in the kitchen. It will certainly make your kitchen efficient and comfortable. But before purchasing the deep fryers, you must have a clear understanding of various aspects of the cookware. This write-up will certainly boost your knowledge of the different types of deep fryers available in the market.

Essential Components of Best Deep Fryer

Good deep fryers must have individual components. You will have to identify those components to be able to purchase the right deep fryer for your kitchen. So, it is critical for everyone who wants to buy the deep fryers to acquire sufficient knowledge about the components. Here, we will discuss some of such components. Let’s have a look at them. They are as follows:

Availability of Timer

A high-quality fryer will contain a timer which will make cooking easy and comfortable. The timer will have to be adjustable so that you can set the timer according to your requirement. We know that different types of foods require different time to be cooked.

So, you have to assume the timer beforehand. For example: suppose you want to cook or fry fish. It may take up to 30 minutes to cook the fish properly. Hence, you will have to set the timer to above or below 30 minutes. So, within this period, you will not have to stand still in front of the deep fryer. You will be able to concentrate on the other tasks.

One of the importance of the timer is that fryer will automatically set itself to the standby mode after the completion of cooking for the stipulated time. So, you will be able to get foods ready when you return from the other works. So, the convenience that timer adds to the day to day life is immeasurable. So, it is a very critical part of any quality deep fryer.

You must avoid the fryers which lack in this feature. You will not be able to reap the benefits of the fryers which lack in this feature. You will find some fryers that do not have this feature, and they are less expensive. Even if they are less expensive, they are not worth purchasing.

Temperature Controller

The fryer must have to capacity to control the temperature efficiently. To be able to purchase the fryers with good temperature control mechanism, you will have to be ready to spend a handsome amount. You cannot expect to buy a fryer with good temperature control system at a lower cost. The cost and quality go hand in hand.

The more you are willing to spend, the better the fryer will be. If you purchase an inferior quality fryer, you will have to suffer a lot. You will have to replace the fryer just after a few uses because of poor temperature control and timer. By the term temperature control, we mean the ability of the fryer to increase the temperature rapidly.

A good fryer will be able to increase the temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, the temperature is variable. It may vary significantly based on the nature of fryer you buy. The faster the temperature raises, the more comfort you will enjoy while cooking foods. You will be able to cook foods very rapidly with increasing temperature. You should only put emphasis on buying the fryers with efficient temperature control mechanism.

Recovery of Temperature

The fryer must have the capacity to recover the heat rapidly. The recovery of temperature is also a paramount factor while cooking foods with a deep fryer. Recovery is improved in both the beginning and ending of the cooking. You need the temperature to fall at the start of the cooking when you put the meat, beef, or mutton with some vegetables in the fryer.

You need the recovery of the temperature at the end of the cooking so that the cooked foods do not become over fried. As the cooking reaches the end, the fryer will automatically adjust the heat to maintain the crispy nature and taste of the roasted, baked, or fried foods.

Indicator Light

Indicator light is another crucial component of the deep fryers. It is related to the timer of the fryer. When the timer reaches the given time, the indicator light will start to show the sign. So, you will be able to take necessary measures after watching the signal provided by the light. You will be able to take the fryer out of the heat very safely while keeping the quality of the foods intake.

Safety handle

It is vital part in every deep fryer. In fact, no cookware is complete without the safety handle. The safety handle will allow you to take to fryer to a safe place while avoiding the heat.

What To Expect From Best Deep Fryer

Here we will discuss the benefits that we can expect from a deep fryer. Before you make the purchase decision, you need to know about them. They are as follows:

Performance Quality

There are various factors that you may consider for determining the performance quality of a deep fryer. The factors include frying quality, the amount of time required for cooking, time to heat, and recovery of heat, power in watts, Thermostat (adjustable), oil capacity, and food containing capacity.

Considering these factors, you will be able to determine the performance quality of a particular fryer and make an efficient purchase decision. You must avoid the cookware with poor performance quality but less costly. It is better to purchase a good quality fryer even if it is expensive because you will face fewer problems in the future.


It is the next benefit that you can expect to get from a deep fryer. There is not any necessity to purchase a deep fryer if you do not get any added convenience. There are some factors which will indicate the convenience you will get from the use of a deep fryer.

The factors include ease of using, power light, the light indicating the readiness, timer, touch display, dishwasher compatibility, and use of the nonstick material in the production of the cookware. You should go for the deep fryers having these features. Otherwise, you will not receive your desired convenience from the fryer.

Safety and Security

One of the reasons why people avoid the old style of cooking foods is the matter of safety. The old methods of frying with excessive oil are not safe for health. There are also the risks of firing and burn out of the skin. To avoid such accidents we need to use the modern deep fryer.

The factors that contribute the safety issue of the deep fryers include the temperature of the exterior; splatter free lid, safety cord, and feet resistant to skid. All the deep fryers should contain these safety features. You must avoid the fryers that lack in such safety features. They will also enhance your convenience at the time of cooking. By consuming less amount of oil, the fryers will protect your health.

Warranty and Support

Both of them add to the convenience and safety of the fryer. The more the warranty, the more the comfort you will enjoy. The support features of the deep fryers include an online user manual, tutorial videos, and audios. You must ask for such benefits from the vendors. Otherwise, you may not get these benefits. These advantages often go to the people who can bargain. You must ensure that you are not missing out the warranty or guaranty.

Specifications of the Fryer

This is the fact that you must consider before purchasing the cookware or fryer. You must compare the actual specifications with the expected features. If they do not match, you should go for other brand or vendor.

Top 10 Recommended Deep Fryer Reviews

In the online marketplaces, it is very easy to compare and contrast among the fryers. The specifications to consider include the depth, width, height, and the weight of the fryer or the cookware. The specification requirements may vary person to person because different people have different needs and want. You have to set your desired specifications based on the type of your kitchen. Let’s have a look at the top 10 deep fryers recommended by the experts:

Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer Review

The fryer contains 1800 watt removable heating power (immersion style). Hence, you will be able to cook foods very fast with this deep fryer. Such power will be able to put extreme air pressure on the foods. You will be provided with a one-gallon stainless steel oil container. The 60-minute digital timer will help you to control the temperature and get involved in other necessary tasks. The food containing the capacity of the fryer is about 2.3 pounds. So, you will be able to cook a huge amount of food with this fryer.

Breville BDF500XL Smart Fryer Review

It contains cool zone mechanism which prevents the fryer from excess burning. It also extends the oil life. It also contains mesh filter. The mesh filter reduces the odors caused by cooking. The frying basket and the bowl are dishwashers safe. Hence, you will not have to face any trouble while washing the fryer. The capacity of the fryer is about 2.5 pounds with 4-quart oil containing capacity. You will get an electronic thermostat with the fryer. It will assist you to control the temperature of the fryer. You will be able to set desired frying temperature.

Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact Deep Fryer Review

Cuisinart is a very renowned company in this field. Hence, you can put your trust on the brand value of the company. The basket can accommodate up to 3 to 4 pounds of foods. The power of the fryer facilitates fast heating and frying of the foods. The surface of the cookware is nonstick in nature. Hence, the foods will easily release from the surface of the fryer. The oil capacity of the fryer is also praiseworthy. It can hold up to 1.1-liter oil. The products have been built according to North American Standard.

T-fall FR8000 3.5-Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Review

It has food capacity of 2.65 pounds and an oil capacity of 3.5 liters. The fryer contains two position baskets for cooking and draining the foods. Immersed heating system has been used in the fryer with which you will get professional results. The adjustable thermostat will help you to regulate the temperature of the fryer and protect the foods from being burnt. It contains automated oil filtering and drainage system which will ease your cooking. The fryer has 1700 watts of power. You will get a one-year limited warranty.

Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Review

The fryer is of oblong-shaped. Hence, you will be able to cook large pieces of chicken or fish. When the oil becomes ready for frying the foods, the thermostat will provide a light signal. The thermostat is also adjustable. Hence, you will not have to face any problem while setting the timer. The fryer contains 12-cup food capacity which is enough for some people. The heat sink and the pot can be removed easily for cleaning. North American Standard has been followed in the production of the fryer. You will be able to purchase the fryer with free shipping facility.

Waring DF55 Professional Mini Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Review

It is a stainless steel fryer with about 1-2/7 pound food capacity. 1500 watt immersion-style heating sink has been used in the production of the fryer. The power of the fryer will facilitate fast cooking. The fryer also contains a 2-quart oil container. The light indicator will give signals when the oil becomes ready for frying the foods. The heavy mesh frying baskets are very easy to remove and clean. The cool handles will help you to take the fryer out of the heat and serve the foods. All the parts of the cookware are dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer Review

It is a very stylish black color deep fryer. It contains 8 cup oil containing capacity. You will be able to cook about 6 cups of French fries or chicken wings. Hence, you will be able to fulfill your family needs for snacks very easily and rapidly with this fryer. It is very safe for using because it contains safety handle which remains cool even at the time of extreme heat. You will be able to drain the foods while the lid is closed. Magnetic power cord has been used in the fryer which will protect you from any kinds of power failure.

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer Review

The fryer comes in two options, black, and silver. Hence, you will be able to buy the fryer of your desired color. With this fryer, you will be able to cook crispy chicken or French fries with half the oil usage. The fryer will be able to cook about 1 to 1.5 pounds of foods very easily. It has oil draining system which will facilitate easy cleaning. You will be able to set the temperature between 300 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit. You will not have to be worried about the overheating because the timer will set the fryer in standby mode. Various safety equipment has been included in the fryer so that you do not have to face any unexpected accidents because of power failures.

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer Review

It contains aluminum with nonstick finish. Hence, the foods will release from the surface very easily. The aluminum will heat up very rapidly which will facilitate fast cooking. The fryer has 1500 watts power which will keep the oil at the perfect temperature automatically. The slotted scoop, storage lid, and safety cord (magnetic), will make your cooking safe and comfortable. One of the unique features of the fryer is the availability of skid resistance feature. Rubber feet have been used to make the fryer skid resistant. The fryer has been produced according to the North American Electrical Standards.

Presto 05450 DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Review

It is called dual daddy because it contains dual compartment black bucket. It contains nonstick finish which facilitates the fast cooking. The handles of the fryer will stay cold even in high temperature. Hence, you will be able to move the foods from one place to another location very quickly. The power of the fryer is similar to the force of the Presto 05411. It comes with a one year warranty. So, you will be safe during this period. For any damage, you will get free services from the vendor. A magnetic safety cord comes with the fryer which will provide you protection in the case of power failure or other kinds of electrical problems.

So, I hope the discussion mentioned above will go a long way to help you to purchase your desired deep fryer. If you keep the factors as mentioned above in the mind before making the purchase, the vendors will not be able to defraud you providing you inferior quality products at a higher price.

It is better to do a little research before purchasing any home appliances including the deep fryers. Once again you must keep the following factors in mind- the materials used in the production of the fryer (preferably aluminum), temperature, timer, light indicator, and the availability of the sufficient safety measures.

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