Best Induction Cooktop 2017 Reviews And Expert Advice

The induction cooktop is the smartest cooking method of the modern time. First, it’s important to know what best induction cooktop is and how it works. An induction cooktop is an electronic appliance which is used to cook food by converting electrical energy to heat energy.There normally is a vessel made of ferromagnetic material which also include a coil of copper wire which heats up when current flows through it. Induction cooktop has now become a favorite method of cooking. There are of course some reasons behind it.Over the years, technology has improved tremendously. Kitchen appliances certainly have not been left out.

From dishwashers that effortlessly sanitize dishes to refrigerators equipped with door alarms, there is no doubt that the kitchen is rapidly becoming high-tech. Not missing in these high-tech developments are induction cooktops.

How Induction Cooking Works:

What to Look For in The Best Induction Cooktop

New to the kitchen, the induction cooking technology is totally revolutionizing stovetop cooking. With an induction cooktop, users can boil water real time. Actually, within the blink of an eye! And mind you, while still maintaining the restraint needed for the delicate cream sauces and chocolate. So how does induction cooking work?

This cooker transfers heat directly to a pan and its content as compared to transferring to a metal coil. Consequently, before shelling out big bucks for this cooktop, ensure the cookware in your kitchen is compatible. The best to have are cast iron or stainless steel pots/pans. For those who are not sure, always try the “magnet test.”

If a magnet easily sticks to your cooking apparatus’ bottom, then you are more than fine. After getting the right cookware, the following factors too when searching for the best induction cooktop:

Basic Features – are you looking for a cooktop with five or four burners? How big do you need them to be? Do you want your controls to be flat touch buttons or raised knobs? How specific should your cooktops’ temperature be? These and among other basic features must be put into consideration when searching for the best induction cooktop.

Safety Features – the best induction cooktops come with built-in safety measures to protect users from sustaining injuries from the overheat or overflow of detectors to child safety lock.

Extra Perks – as much as they might be unnecessary, other features such as simmer or warming modes, pan pressure sensors, and kitchen timers make your cooking more enjoyable and easier.

Ease of Installation – many induction cooktops available in the market are either in 36-inch or 30-inch widths. For easy installation make sure you know the exact size that is ideal for your workspace. Additionally, check the cord length, and drop-in dimensions.

What are The Benefits of Using The Best Induction Cooktop

Top on the list of advantages of using the best induction cooktop is the fact that users enjoy shortened cooking times. Moreover, you save substantial amounts of energy. This meaning that your monthly and yearly utility bills reduce big time. Another advantage is that because the elements do not heat up, their range tops remains cool throughout or at least most of the times.

The other benefit you drive from using the induction technology is safety. Induction remains one of the safest cooking methods. The best induction cooktop is highly efficient. Lastly, from a functionality point of view, induction stands out as the easiest cooking surface to use and control.

Cost Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

The price of an induction cooktop is fair to most people of almost all income levels. Their uses are so much advantageous in comparison to the initial cost. Recently, one researcher came to the conclusion that when one uses an induction cooktop, then 90% of each dollar spent translates directly into what he/she wants while other sources like gas only return 55% cash spent regarding dollar.When the induction cooktop is not in use then it takes the standby mode thus saving plenty of energy.


The induction cooktop heats extremely fast. This is the reason why amateurs can use the medium temperatures all through until they discover fully how fast their devices work to avoid burning of the foods under intense heat.This ensures that time wasting is an issue of the past.

Maximum Safety

The absence of open flames in the induction cooktops ensures a great deal when it comes to safety and security in comparison to their gas counterparts.

Easy Cleaning

Keeping the cooktop tidy is pretty simple and time-saving. What one requires is just a wet piece of cloth since there is no grease to complicate the cleaning process.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Best Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy in food preparation as opposed to traditional methods, which use gas or ceramic. So how does induction cooking work? A copper wire underneath the cooktop allows electric current to pass through.

The vessel for cooking must be a good conductor of heat to enable the heat to move. On detection by the induction cooktop, the magnetic field induces electric current to heat the contents of the vessel.As with almost all products, induction cooktop pros and cons are widespread, and they include

Best Induction Cooktop Pros

The temperatures change instantly upon switching it on, meaning it cooks very fast similar to gas.The surface does not heat up to extreme temperatures exceeding the vessel on it. One can touch it some few seconds after removing the vesselSince it has ceramic surface, it is easy to wipe and cleanA tiny current serves the full induction making it energy efficient.

Induction Cooktop Cons

The selection produces some noise due to a magnetic field when in use.The ceramic cooktop can break easily.The cooking zones are not specifically defined, and one has to watch where to put the pot while cooking.After an explicit consideration of the induction cooktop pros and cons, it is clear that the pros outweigh the cons.  Proper management is inescapable when looking at the induction cooktop pros and cons. if well taken care of, just as with other products, then efficiency is guaranteed.

Popular Induction Cooktops

Despite the several induction cooktop pros and cons, the market still possesses some of the best and modern induction cooktops. A 2 burner electric cooktop has two burners on it. It operates by use of electricity.


The two burner electric cooktop requires an electrical voltage of 220-280 and its measurement is purely in watts. These cooktops are available in several colors depending on the customer demand but are also in a design that fits the kitchen surrounding. Their tops out of ceramic glass, which ensures they are extremely easy to clean and offers modern style and convenience to the users.

Controls and Prices

The two burner electric cooktop has control devices or buttons attached to the control panel, which in most cases lie on the front side but can rarely be at the top of the device as well. The position of these buttons, which are few, ensures that there is no melting. An individual can regulate the amount of heat coming into the two burners electric cooktop by moderation through the buttons on the control panel as well.

The prices and dimensions of the two burners electric cooktop vary widely depending on the company and manufacturer as well. The prices are highly competitive but relatively little in comparison to the service provision be it from the house, office, or even family gathering.

The most common colors are of a two burner electric cooktop are black, stainless, white, and bisque among others. The choice of color largely depends on personal tastes and preferences. All you need to do when choosing a color is to consider the interior color of your kitchen.Induction cooktops are the best when it comes to modern cooking. They are easy to use and highly energy efficient. With these cooktops, your daily, monthly, and yearly power consumption will inevitably reduce drastically.

A Comprehensive Review of The Best Induction Cooktop

Most of that considering investing in the best induction cooktop are perhaps many steps above the novice chef. This technology helps you be more than excellent in your culinary creations. To get the best induction cooktop, it is important to pass through some induction cooktop reviews. The following induction cooktop reviews will equip you with the right information to settle at nothing short of the best cooktop. Read on these induction cooktop reviews to learn more.

Duxtop 1800-Watt portable Induction Cooktop

This is another incredible cooktop that cannot afford to miss in this induction cooktop reviews. The Duxtop induction cooktop is compact, lightweight and very easy to use and store.

It uses 15 amps and 120 volts of electricity. It can be used in any home. It brings with it a digital control panel. You can use any cookware with this cooktop. However, the most preferred are those made of iron, stainless steel and aluminum.

This best induction cooktop has an auto-pan detector. This enables it to shut down automatically after sixty seconds if it does not detect any cookware. The equipment also features a diagnostic error message system. It is ETL approved. Another great attribute about the Duxtop cooktop is that it brings with it a high and low voltage warning system to always notify you whenever your units’ voltage is low or high.

This highly versatile cooktop is incredible for those who love to be adventurous with cooking. It brings elegance and style to your table. You can count on this amazing cooktop if you have an outdoor party or just a simple meal preparation in your kitchen.

Max Burton Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Do you consider yourself a discriminating cook? Well, this upgraded and stainless steel best induction cooktop is your ideal choice. When looking at induction cooktop reviews, this cooktop must always feature in the list. Why?

This is because it boasts of the highest grade functions as well as design. If you demand excellent around your cooking area, then this cooktop is your best bet. It will surely not disappoint you.

It comes with a push button to enable you to change the cooking temperatures to your preferred levels. This induction cooktop is ideal for those working in a busy restaurant kitchen. However, it can equally be magical when used in the home, buffets, catered events, or culinary schools. The equipment features a ten temperature setting, LED display, in-line fuse and overheat sensor.

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop

The Nesco induction cooktop gives users nothing short of the best cooktop performance. This induction cooktop uses minimal energy. It provides practical instant heat. Since it does not produce hot coils or open flames, it is more than safe than the conventional burners.

This cooktop allows instant control of all cooking energy to ensure precise cooking. With this brilliant kitchen appliance, you enjoy five power settings. It also boasts of great heat consistency because of its 84% energy efficiency.

When buying it, users get a magnet to assist in cookware compatibility issues. Some of the amazing features of this great appliance are:1500 watts,Safe for the elderly, handicapped, small children and families.The ideal substitute where hotplates are dangerous or disallowed.Highly energy efficient.Totally noiseless.Rapid heating.

True Induction S2F2 Induction Cooktop

The S2F2 is a great kitchen appliance that best works for any user. Purchasing True Induction S2F2 allows you move an extra mile with your kitchen tasks. It is made of two burners; this feature is vital as you can cook different dishes at the same time.

The S2F2 cooktop does not require a lot of energy to function especially while working with one burner. When users are cooking with the two burners, the energy use is multiplied twice. True Induction S2F2 Cooktop is made of a great digitized design, which allows for portability.

The S2F2 satisfy users’ needs. This kitchen appliance works smoothly, you only need to set the temperature that suits your need, and the cooktop operates on the rest. The great design of the True Induction S2F2 cooktop gives one easy time while cleaning. The S2F2 cooktop works best for standard cook room with 120V outlet.

True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop

The true induction P3D, single burner cooktop, is an excellent kitchen appliance that helps you save time on your cooking. It is made of advanced features, which makes its operation great.

If you need to make your kitchen task easy, the P3D cooktop will serve you best. Portable induction cooktop reviews have made it simple for users purchasing the P3D single burner. This cooking machine performs efficiently with the versatile features that come along with it. It contains inbuilt features, which enables the users’ easy control.

The P3D single burner cooktop only works when instructed. This is a perfect feature, which promotes users safety. It is easy to work with True induction P3D single burner cooktop because it works automatically. Although P3D uses one burner, it is time-consuming. If users want to cook several dishes with this kitchen appliance, it will take them time.

Tips Of Using Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have been in use for several decades. They are efficient for both commercial and domestic cooking purposes.Several usage tips are available to help induction cooktop users have the best experience. Read on.

 Induction Compatibility – Induction cooktops mainly rely on electromagnetic induction. The material of the pot, pan, or bowl on it the induction cooktop must be compatible to enable the heating process to take place. Some of the materials that are of use here are cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel among others.A magnet is used to test induction compatibility. If the magnet sticks to the pan or pot then it is a positive compatibility sign but if it does not then you will have to look for another cooking pot.

Correct Temperature – An induction cooktop can heat things very fast. Medium temperature is advisable to all the users of induction cooktops until they become used to their induction cooktops’ speed. This avoids burning food. Light foods require less than 5 minutes in most induction cooktops.

Cleaning and Care – Cleaning of the induction cooktop requires a wet and clean sponge. It takes the list possible time. Out of the individual’s schedule if it is just a simple spill, which is still wet and fresh. If the sponge is dry, it messes cooktops’ surface.

 Installation – This is very critical as electric devices can cause irreversible damages. This part requires professional skills possibly by an electrician.

 Things People Should Know About Best Induction Cooktops


An induction cooktop has a ceramic glass ensuring the highest level of safety through deterrence of pan heating. The induction cooktop directly heats food. The absence of external flame that can cause fire is also an aspect of safety and makes it possible for even children to operate the device.The machine has some buttons on the control panel that upon pressing, can switch from high power to the level needed.

Cookware Compatibility

When looking for the right cookware to use on an induction cooktop, ensure it is compatible. The bottom of the pan/pot should have iron to ensure fast transfer of heat.

Price Tag

The price tag of the induction cooktops is always very high which is one of the major factors discouraging potential buyers is. This should not be the case as the device helps minimize some costs like power among others in the long run.

Energy Efficiency

The induction cooktop helps save energy as it only heats when required. The presence of the control buttons also facilitates in saving energy because as soon as the food is ready and on pressing of the button, the temperature takes to standby mode thus no energy consumption goes on.


The installation of the induction cooktop is complicated and requires professional help. This is because it involves the use of power, which can electrify an individual at a glance. One should know this to avoid injury and electrification.

Your Turn

These are some basic properties of an excellent induction cooktop. Some cooktops can even provide you more than just these. Again the selection should be made according to your needs. This kind of things you don’t buy every day. So make a wise choice.

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