How to Prevent Scratches on Ceramic Cookware?

You might have a beloved ceramic cookware. But you wish to know how to prevent scratches on ceramic cookware?Even though your ceramic cookware is more durable than most other type of cookware, you still need to look after it so as to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.Not taking proper care of your ceramic cookware would result to the cookware getting scratches and once the cookware begins to scratch, it would also negatively affect the efficiency of the cookware.

Once your ceramic cookware gets scratched, you will have to immediately dispose of the cookware.The best way to keep your ceramic cookware from scratching is to ensure that they are always very clean and are stored properly. This article would thus treat how to clean and properly store your ceramic cookware and other precautions to take to avoid scratches.

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Washing Your Best Ceramic Cookware :

You should wash your best ceramic cookware with warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Instead of a soft sponge, using a dish cloth would be just as effective.

You can also use professional cleaner that are available in the market.You should gently wipe the whole area of the ceramic cookware and rinse properly after washing.You should also properly dry your ceramic cookware after washing.

Scraping :

You should ensure that you do not scrape any residues on your ceramic cookware for any reason whatsoever. Scraping the surface of the cookware would result the removal of the coatings on the ceramic cookware.

This coating is very smooth, making it difficult for any substance to stick on it.It is thus the ceramic coating on the cookware that gives it the non-sticky nature it is reputable for.If the ceramic coating goes off, then your ceramic cookware would start to stick.Using an abrasive or similar substance on a ceramic cookware is sure to affect the coating and subsequently its non-sticky nature.

Metal Scouring Tools :

You should avoid using scouring agents or metal scourers on your ceramic cookware.If you use a metal scourer or scouring agents such as scouring powder on your ceramic cookware, then it would begin to scratch.As opposed to using metal scourers, you should always wash them with your hand. This would help your ceramic cookware to last longer.

Avoid Dishwashers :

Dishwashers make it easier to wash cookware, plates, cups and cutleries among others. You should however avoid using a dishwasher to wash your ceramic cookware.Using a dishwasher would negatively affect the lifespan of your ceramic cookware.It would also lead to scratches which will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of your dishwasher.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains :

The biggest temptation to washing of cookware including ceramic cookware is the presence of a stubborn dirt.You would thus be tempted to use scouring powder or a metal scour to clean the ceramic cookware. You should however not yield to this temptation as it would ultimately lead to scratches on your cookware.

As opposed to using methods which would lead to scratches, you should use this simple method.First of all put water in the ceramic cookware and try to ensure that all the areas that have the stubborn dirt are covered with water.Once you have accomplished this, put the water on a heating device and allow the water to boil. As soon as the water starts to boil, add some baking soda into the water.

Allow the water to continue to boil for a while with the baking soda inside. Subsequently, use a wooden spoon that does not scratch to carefully remove any dirt that is yet to be displaced.Once you have successfully removed all the stubborn dirt from the ceramic cookware, allow it to get cold. Once it is cold, you can then normally wash and rinse it.This method works properly for any type of ceramic cookware.

Storage of Pots and Pans :

Just as important as every other item discussed above for prevention of scratches on your ceramic cookware is how you store them.If you do not store your ceramic cookware properly, it will also get scratched and all the other precautions will be useless.Store your ceramic cookware only after you have properly washed and dried them.After they are dry, you can store them separately, while for those you want to nest, you could use a paper napkin in between each ceramic cookware.

Parting Advice :

The user manual of your ceramic cookware is your friend. Try to read and understand it to get a perfect understanding of how you can best use and maintain them.

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