T-fal C728SE Initiatives Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set

T-fal Cookware Reviews is said to be inventor of the nonstick frying pan in the year 1950’s. Thus you can expect the best technology to go into this product of theirs. T-fal Cookware Set C728SE Initiatives is no exception.Ceramic cookware is the order of the day. This ceramic technology has changed the way the world cooks nowadays.Healthy cooking has always been the hallmark of t-fal initiatives and hence it makes sense that you bring this aspect of cooking into your kitchen as soon as possible.In fact every t-fal ceramic review points out to this fact.T-fal initiatives ceramic cookware has played its part in environmental friendliness and now it is time for you to play yours.

Ceramic cookware reviews

Features of T-fal C728SE Initiatives  Nonstick Ceramic Cookware:

a) T-fal and healthy cooking are synonymous with each other. This quality non stick ceramic cookware promotes this fact with gusto by reducing the need for oils and fats from food.

b) The interiors of this excellent product are made of ceramic which use the highest scratch and stain resistant technology ensuring that your product remains as new for as long as possible.

c) The outer coating makes is very durable and has also passed a lot of shock absorbing tests.

d) Food should not only be healthy but tasty too. For food to be tasty, it should be evenly cooked.It requires an even distribution of heat. This product by using high grade aluminum ensures just this.

e) US FDA standards stipulate that the product should be free from PTFE, PFOA as well as Cadmium and lead.This product passes this test with flying colors.

f) All major components have been made with recyclable material which is a sign of environmental friendliness.

g) This is one of the rare products to be available in this resplendent golden color.

h) With its high heat withstanding powers this product is best for searing meat as well as poultry and fish.

i) The lot of accessories includes two frying pans of 7.5 and 11 inch diameter with lid, 2 sauce pans of 1 and 2 quart with lids, a 5 quart Dutch oven with lid, and an egg wonder along with 4 nylon tools.


a) T-fal technology ensures that the original nonstick technology is used which has passed the test of time.

b) Strong and sturdy ceramic interior with scratch and stain free properties.

c) The exteriors as strong and as beautiful as the interiors.

d) Heavy gauge aluminum construction ensures efficient cooking.

e) It passes all the stringent tests stipulated by the US FDA.

f) It can be used in the dishwasher too.

g) The golden colored exterior gives it a princely appearance.

h) This product is very easy to clean and hence easy to maintain too.

CONSa) As with other aluminum bottomed cookware, this product too cannot be used with induction stoves.

b) Ovens are not large enough to hold these pans with their long handles.

Features at a Glance

a) Ceramic interiors are not only strong but have scratch resistant and stain free properties too.

b) Every product is backed by T-fal technology.

c) Compliance of US FDA qualifying standards.

d) Extremely attractive golden color.

e) Use of high grade aluminum.

f) One of the few cookware products which can be used in a dishwasher.

g) High heat withstanding capacity.

h) Product made with 100% recyclable material.

Frequently asked Questions

 a) It is shown in the pictures that bottoms have grooves on them. Will that affect the ceramic coating of my cooking range?

No. The grooves will not affect the ceramic coating of your stoves. They have been provided to give a better grip to the vessel.

b) The egg frying pan seems to be too small. How many eggs can it hold?

It can hold one or maybe two at one time.

c) It seems that the new range of non stick cookware do not work with induction stoves. May I know why?

The basic principle of induction stove is that only those vessels which have iron content in them can be used on the induction stove.The easiest test one can conduct to see whether the cookware is induction friendly or not is to stick up a magnet on the bottom of the vessel.If it sticks, then the vessel has iron content and hence it will work, otherwise not.This product has aluminum bottoms and hence they are not induction stove friendly.

d) I used to have a nonstick cookware earlier. I accidentally dropped it on the ground. It suffered a big dent. Does the same fate await this

product as well?First thing is that you should not be dropping these things. More importantly, this product has passed stringent qualifying tests.It will not show any dent. No damage will be caused from small shocks.

e) I have read that the product is safe to be used in a dishwasher. It is true?

Yes. It can be used in a dishwasher. It is absolutely safe.

Final verdict

In this T-fal Cookware Reviews This product has passed all the requisite tests and qualifies for entry into your home.The golden color of the pots give a regal look which itself should be a reason good enough to buy it.All said and done Go and acquire this product immediately while stocks last.


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