WearEver A630SA Complete Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

Cooking should be tasty and at the same time healthy too. Healthy includes the environmental factor too. WearEver A630SA PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium free cookware set keeps all that in mind.Using PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium free cookware has its health benefits as well as eco-friendly advantages.Buying this recyclable and high heat resisting cookware would be the best decision of your life.It is your responsibility to gift your children a healthy environmental future along with crispy, nutritious and delicious food.

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Features of WearEver A630SA Complete Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

a) An innovative ceramic interior design greets you as soon as you open the pack.This unique design offers superior scratch as well as stain resistance.The durable coating on the surface is suitable for all cooking utensils.

b) The superior ceramic non-stick interior promotes healthy cooking which utilizes fewer amounts of oil and fat.

c) As high grade aluminum is used in the manufacture of this exquisite piece of cookware, heat distribution is even and hence the durability factor increases.

d) The manufacture does not envisage usage of PTFE, PFOA or Cadmium and hence environmental health as well as physical health factors is taken into account.

e) The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty period.

f) You can use this cookware on gas ranges and microwave ovens as well.
However use of this cookware on induction stoves should be limited.

g) The cookware can withstand temperatures as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

h) The set includes a 8 inch and 10 inch fry pans with lids, 2 saucepans of 1 quart and 2 quart each with lids, a 5-Quart Dutch oven with lid as well as One egg wonder .



a) Very good cookware for heating meats as they can withstand high temperature.

b) This ceramic non stick cookware is recyclable and this makes it very eco-friendly.

c) No Use of toxic PTFE, PFOA or Cadmium this making it healthy for the family.

d) The stock pan comes with a pressure releasing valve and hence is very safe and any built up pressure inside the vessel can be released.

e) Use of high grade aluminum does not allow formation of uneven hot spots and hence food gets cooked evenly.

f) This unit is very light to handle.

g) The Black color is very attractive to look at and makes for a perfect gift item.

h) This product is safe for dishwasher use.


a) The frying pan can hold only one egg at a time.

b) The pans have long handles and hence cannot be kept inside the oven though the 5 Quart Dutch oven can.

c) The plastic coating on the handles can melt inside the oven at temperatures exceeding 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

d) The cookware has a limited warranty period.

e) Cannot be used with induction stoves.

Features at a Glance

a) Innovative ceramic interiors give it a beautiful finish.

b) Highest quality of stain and scratch resistance abilities.

c) A durable coating makes it suitable for all types of cooking.

d) Non-stick ceramic interior promotes healthy cooking.

e) High grade aluminum makes it an efficient vessel as even heat distribution is ensured.

f) Environmental concerns get addressed by non usage of PTFE, PFOA and Cadmium.

g) High temperature withstanding capacities up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is said that this set can be used in dishwashers. Will it not cause scratches?

No, the outer coatings as well as the inner coatings are strong enough to prevent any scratches.
To achieve best results use a mild detergent and use warm water if possible.

Why there appears to be a hole in the glass lid?

Actually this is for releasing the excess pressure built up in the vessel whilst cooking.
This can prevent untoward accidents from occurring.

Does this cookware contain lead?

No, this cookware is free from lead, cadmium, PTFE as well as PFOA.

Is any seasoning necessary before usage?

Yes, it is better if you season it initially with coconut oil for long lasting use.

The advertisement says that less oil is required for cooking. Is it really true?

Yes, it is absolutely true. The food does not stick even if you do not use any oil or butter.
This makes the food healthier too.

Why such ceramic non stick cookware cannot be used with induction stoves?

No!!!You must use metallic pots that have iron content in them.Ceramic cookware does not contain iron and hence you cannot use the same with an induction stove.The best way to judge whether a vessel can be used on induction stoves is to hold a magnet to the bottom of vessel.If it sticks then the vessel can be used on induction stoves. If it does not, then sorry, you cannot use it. That’s all.

Final Verdict

This WearEver-Complete ceramic non-stick cookware is an absolute masterpiece and is a must have item in every kitchen.Being a PFOA free cookware has its own advantages.This pfoa free non-stick cookware does not use any toxic materials in its manufacture.Hence this is safe for household use as well.This is an environmentally friendly household product which makes cooking of items such as meats, eggs etc very easy.Moreover this is a recyclable product.Come, use this product to cook healthy food and stay environmentally healthy too.


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